3 Helpful Tips for Returning to Work (& Leaving Fido) Post-Lock Down

Some companies are beginning to return to “normal” operations and requiring people to return to their previous in-person work schedules. After a multi-month staycation at home, some of you might be worried about leaving your fur babies for long periods of time during the day. We’ve got three important tips and tricks to help your fur ball (and yourselves) overcome the impending separation anxiety you might be worried about.

1. Ease into separation.

Begin leaving your pup at home for short stints at first. Have an errand you need to run? Want to go for a solo stroll? Make time to be away from the house for short periods of time to give them plenty of time to adjust to having the house to themselves again.

2. Get back into an exercise routine.

Whether you walk, run, or play fetch in the backyard, create a system that allows them to get plenty of exercise before you leave so they can rest and sleep while you’re gone. Tiring them out is a great way to overcome additional stress/anxiety while they’re alone. (An extra hint: give them an interactive/chew toy to keep them busy while you’re away.)

3. Don’t make a scene!

Dog training 101 says it’s best to leave the house in a calm, quiet fashion rather than making goodbye a big to-do. Some people suggest making a simple statement like “I’ll be back,” or “Keep the house safe,” while you exit while others suggest going about your pre-work routine and leaving the house without even acknowledging Fido as you exit. Whether or not you talk to them, everyone agrees that it’s best to remain calm, cool, and collected to help your pup feel at ease.

There’s no doubt COVID has impacted us all in so many unexpected ways, and it makes sense that our fur babies are feeling some of those effects too. As with yourselves and your human family members, we recommend lots of patience and grace as your pet adjusts, once again, to a new normal. That said, if your pup seems to be suffering from severe separation anxiety, we recommend seeking professional advice from your veterinarian.

Wishing you the best of luck for a smooth post-COVID transition! Don’t forget, you can always call on The Village Pets to provide drop-in visits, dog walks, and doggy daycare to keep your pup busy while you’re away! 🙂



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