3 Reasons Every Family Needs a Pet Rat

We had the pleasure of caring for Greg and Rick, two D’argent rats, last week and it was a blast. Greg and Rick live in a beautiful rat paradise with lots of fun toys and furniture to keep them busy and stimulated. They drink lots of water, nibble on their small rodent kibble, and a munch on special rat treats here and there. Because we had so much fun with them, we want to share some photos and tell our lovely followers why y’all too should consider adding a pet rat to the family!

1. They’re brilliant. 

Rats are smart and trainable; one veterinarian wrote that she trained her pet rat to kill bugs on command. Wouldn’t that be a huge bonus?! They can also be litter box trained like rabbits and cats.

2. They’re surprisingly clean.

Despite their infamy for being dirty street pests, rats like to keep themselves and their surroundings very clean. They clean themselves in the same way cats do and their waste has a relatively mild odor. Some can have the typical “musky” rodent smell, but it’s not nearly as strong as it is with other animals like ferrets.

3. They’re playful, friendly, and fun.

Rats are social creatures – in fact many people recommend keeping them in pairs – and they love to play. Greg and Rick seemed to love keeping each other company but they also had a lot of play equipment to keep them entertained. Because they’re so friendly, they make great family companions much like a dog or cat.

Have we convinced you to consider getting a pet rat? Before adopting a new furry friend, be sure to consider the time and cost investments that are involved in owning pets of any kind. Though smaller, pet rats need routine veterinary care, a safe, clean habitat, and specialized rodent food. They are well-suited to families who have the ability to give them affection and entertainment on a consistent basis as well.

For more information about adopting a pet rat, visit the VCA’s pet rat page and checkout the ASPCA’s rat care handout too.



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