ATL Area Animal Rescue Groups

We’re all about fostering and adopting rescued animals at The Village Pets, so this week we’re going to highlight a few in the Atlanta area in case anyone is in the market for a new companion or is looking into ways to help out.

As we always say, dogs and cats are an amazing addition to the family, but they require a high level of TLC so we recommend that you evaluate your work and vacation schedules, people dynamics, and home set-up before adopting a furry friend. We always encourage to make you’re able to give them the love and care they deserve so it’s a great fit for everyone!

PAWS Atlanta – A no-kill shelter that has both shelter services and foster homes spread throughout the city. They’ve been around for more than 50 years and are a staple in the Atlanta pet community. You can visit PAWS for both dogs and cats and they have a thorough adoption selection process that guarantees a great fit for both the animal and the family. Learn more about the adoption process here.

Furkids – Since 2002, they’ve rescued dogs and cats in the ATL area and they claim to be the “largest no-kill shelter” in the Southeast. They have multiple huge thrift stores spread around town too, so you can shop and support animal rescue at the same time!

Orphan Annie Rescue – A small volunteer-run dog rescue group in ATL that houses dogs in foster homes throughout the city. They host adoption events every Saturday at the Perimeter Petsmart and pride themselves on rescuing dogs that are unlikely to be adopted at shelters with high intake rates.

LifeLine Animal Project – One of the most well-known shelters in the area, LifeLine is a non-profit organization that manages the Fulton and Dekalb county shelters. They also have a small shelter in Avondale Estates and operate no-cost spay and neuter clinics too. They claim to care for more than 39,000 animals each year and are working hard to “…end the euthanasia of healthy and treatable dogs and cats in the metro Atlanta area.”

There are so many shelters in the city of Atlanta that are doing amazing work! Take time to research and find one that fits your individual needs and make sure to ask lots of questions as you prepare to bring a new fur ball in your home. Also: keep us in mind for all your pet sitting needs with your newly-adopted family members!



  1. Vickie Dozier

    I need to find foster or forever home placement for my Chihuahua Cassidy. My mother is 85 yo andvery I’ll. She requires total care now. I am her only caretaker. Now I don’t have the time to care for Cassidy anymore

  2. Tracy Strozier

    I have fell on hard times need someone to get my pet which is a pitbull she’s not aggressive and family dog


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