Coronavirus Updates – June Edition

Back in January, if you would have told us we would be in the 10th or 11th week of semi-lock down mode at the start of summertime, we would have thought you were telling stories. It’s hard to believe that we’re here, but since we are, we want to keep you informed about how coronavirus affects domestic pets and what we’re doing to ensure the health and safety of everyone who interacts with The Village Pets.

Latest updates

The CDC says that while it may have initially spread from animals to people, the coronavirus has continued to spread primarily from person-to-person. However, while very rare, it is possible for the virus to spread from animals to people.

To prevent the spread, they recommend paying close attention to your pet’s behavior and isolating them from other people and animals if they demonstrate signs of illness. Rather than exposing yourself or your furballs to potentially unnecessary risk, the CDC also recommends using telemedicine as a first line of treatment if you believe your pet has contracted the virus. Check with your local vet – they’re probably willing to discuss their symptoms on the phone to determine if an in-person visit is necessary.

Conversely, if you have symptoms of illness, it is recommended that you limit interaction with your pets (we can help if this happens!!) and increase sanitation and cleaning regimens to reduce the risk of transmission.

To reiterate, we want to highlight that the CDC indicates that the risk of pet to human transmission is very low.

What The Village Pets is doing to stop the spread of disease:

  1. Requiring pet sitters to wash hands often, especially between clients. We’re encouraging them to use soap and water whenever possible and to use hand sanitizer at a bare minimum after moving from house to house and touching new surfaces.
  2. Doing extra sanitation and cleaning at our daycare and boarding facility. We’re also requiring animal handlers to wash their hands regularly.
  3. Staying informed about the latest COVID-19 updates, especially those related to domesticated animals.
  4. Keeping team members informed about our individual health and well-being. If a team member feels sick, we will ask them to stay home.

As you begin making summer travel plans, we hope you’ll consider scheduling pet care services with us. We are taking extra precautions to ensure the health and safety of our furballs and their human family members and would be honored to support you in the future. We appreciate your trust and look forward to moving toward a safer and healthier future in partnership with our beloved clients.



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