Earth-friendly pet ownership

Climate change and environmental stewardship are big buzz words these days and seem to touch every part of our lives in some way or another, so is it possible that owning a pet can have an impact on the environment too? The short answer is yes, in a roundabout way.

This week we’re showcasing some helpful tips on how to be a more responsible pet owner. If you have specific tricks you love, please share them in the comments section!

  1. Invest in sustainable pet food – like most other consumables, pet food goes through a long production process that can negatively impact the environment at multiple times. One alternative is to invest in brands that keep the earth in mind during the production processes. Another is to opt for more holistic diets that you prepare yourselves. For example, raw diets are very popular and can produce far less waste, but they require a ton of time. When considering the best option for your pet, make sure to keep their health and wellness at the top of your priority list too.
  2. Choose dog bed and toy companies that use recycled materials. There are a ton out there, but one we love is West Paw. An even more sustainable (and cheaper) option is to create dog toys with old towels or t-shirts.
  3. Spay and neuter your pets. Yes, you heard correctly! By spaying and neutering our fur balls, we’re limiting the population of pets who could potentially end up in a shelter environment that uses a ton of resources.
  4. Adopt, don’t shop. In the same way that spaying and neutering can help reduce overpopulation in shelter environments that require lots of resources, so can pet adoption. There’s no better way to give out love, save money, and protect the environment!
  5. Consider a natural brand of cat litter. Most cat litters on the market have huge quantities of harmful chemicals and products that are mined in questionable circumstances. Opt for wood chips or another safer, more natural option. Here are some additional suggestions.

We’d love to hear your earth-friendly pet ownership habits. Share in the comments below!

As they taught us as kids, the key is to REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE.



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