Feel Good Animal Stories

Hey family! We hope you’re staying healthy, safe, and happy during these challenging times. This week we wanted to spread a bit of joy rather than dwelling on the not-so-fun things that are going on out in the world these days. Check out these feel good animal stories and let us know if you have any of your own to share! Let’s see those funny videos and photos of Fido, Max, and all the other fur babies.


  1. Puppies descend on the Georgia Aquarium – yes you read that right. Puppies from the Atlanta Humane Society had the best day ever tromping around the empty aquarium with the whale sharks!
  2. Weiner dog sprains his tail from too much wagging – this fur baby was so excited about his owner’s new work from home requirement that he injured himself. Seems fur babies are loving this work from home thing, even if their owners aren’t. 
  3. Pups in shelters are getting extra TLC – many shelters have reported increases in families who are willing to foster and/or adopt pets these days, which is great news because we know shelters are really struggling in terms of both finances and human resources. Adopt don’t shop!
  4. Penguins take a stroll through the Chicago Aquarium – the staff let the penguins romp around and check on their neighbors in other habitats around the empty facility last week.
  5. Dolphins are back in Italy’s canals – residents in the Venice area have reported seeing animals swimming in the urban canals for the first time in years, probably thanks to the sharp decline in foot traffic and resulting water and air pollution.

Let’s keep the positivity flowing and make sure to share love with your families, friends, and neighbors…even if it means making a FaceTime call to a long lost friend. Everyone on the Village Pets team wishes y’all healthy, safety, and peace. Take care! See you soon.



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