Fireworks and Your Pets

It’s July 4th weekend, a time for cookouts, vacations, and FIREWORKS. Families near us have been setting off fireworks for a while already this year, but we suspect that the next few nights will be even fuller of lights and sounds, so we want to make a few suggestions to keep your fur babies safe during this July 4th holiday weekend.

Tips for keeping your pets safe in the time of fireworks:

  1. Do not take your pets outdoors – especially to large gatherings where fireworks and loud noises are likely to be present – during evening hours. We strongly suggest that you resist the urge to take Fido along to gatherings this weekend, even if they have seemed okay with fireworks in the past. Sudden unexpected things can happen and the safest place for them to be is inside your home.
  2. Make sure your pet is wearing a collar with an updated ID tag. Make sure your pet is wearing your updated contact information in case they escape. It will make the likelihood of them returning home much higher. Microchipping is an even better, more permanent option too!
  3. Turn on the tv, radio, and/or a fan to mask some of the loud booms. We recommend turning the volume up a bit louder than normal to help cover up some of the intermittent sounds from outside your home.
  4. Create a safe hiding place inside your home just in case your pet needs a reprieve. Many dogs tend to hide under furniture or in dark places when they’re scared, so it’s a good idea to create a safe cave-like place they can go to if the noises become overwhelming.
  5. Try to ignore the fireworks yourself, and even try playing or interacting with your pets a little more while fireworks are taking place. Keeping your pet distracted and remaining calm yourself will help show your pet that they don’t need to fear the loud unexplained noises happening outside. Try to stay calm and do not draw unnecessary attention to the fireworks.
  6. There are several products that might help but results vary. Some of our clients report success with things like Thundershirts and CBD Oil, but we do not recommend using any of these products without consulting with your vet or doing thorough research.

In general, we recommend staying calm, turning on distracting noises, and creating a comfortable environment where your pet can feel as safe as possible. With proper planning, we will get through this together!

Happy long weekend everyone, stay safe and healthy!



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