Hiking with your Pup in ATL

Though we might not be completely away from the hot temps, it’s definitely starting to feel like fall in Atlanta and we’re so excited! It’s sweater weather, the pumpkin drinks are flowing, and some people have already put their Halloween decor out. Since we’re still not back to “normal” and activities are still relatively restricted, why not take advantage of the cooler temps and take Fido for a nice hike near the city?!

This week on the blog, we’ve gathered a list of 5 great hiking spots that are pup-friendly and within driving distance of Atlanta. Do you know of secret hiking spots we left out? Don’t keep them to yourself! Share in the comments below 🙂

  1. Arabia Mountain Trails: The Arabia Mountain hiking area is easily accessible with just a quick drive east on I-20. There are both paved and unpaved paths and lots of different trials that can take you distances ranging from one to 20+ miles so there’s lots of room to spread out and keep distance from other people. Bonus for the humans: there are lots of very interesting geological features here too and it’s FREE!
  2. Westside Palisades Trail: This is part of the larger Chattahoochee River Recreation Area and offers nice scenery while being close to metro ATL. On the unpaved trails, you’ll see lots of dense tree cover while getting a glimpse of the river from time-to-time and if your fur ball enjoys swimming, you might be able to find a place for them to jump in for a swim too!
  3. Cascade Springs Nature Preserve: A quick drive on I-20 west will take you to this hidden gem on the westside of Atlanta. There are lots of waterfalls and small water features and because it’s not as widely known as some of the other more popular places, you’re likely to have the park to yourself, depending on the day and time you go. It’s a quick hike lasting less than 2 miles, but who says you can’t do more than one loop!
  4. Morningside Nature Preserve: This is one of the more heavily trafficked trails in the city, especially for dog owners, because it offers easy water access. While not great for a quiet hiking experience far from humans, pup owners with water-loving fur balls flock here because it’s such a great swimming spot. Bonus for the humans: you can swim too! And because it’s on Lenox Road, it’s very easily accessible from most parts of the city.
  5. Sweetwater Creek State Park: Since COVID hit, we’ve noticed this one becoming more and more popular, but because it’s so large, it’s easy to hike and avoid people (if that’s your thing). It’s great for hiking with your pup because it’s mostly tree-covered and there are swimming spots scattered throughout the park. There are more than 15 miles of trails that go in a variety of directions so you can visit multiple times and see different areas each time. Warning for the humans: one section of the park is very densely covered in brush and you’ll see lots of signs to watch out for copperheads. Be alert and watch for wildlife!



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