Hints for Owning “Non-Traditional” Pets in Metro Atlanta

We LOVE dogs and cats, but we’ve had the pleasure of caring for some more “exotic” pets recently and it has been FUN! In case you’re considering adopting something other than a dog or cat (think turtle, goat, chicken, or pot belly pig) read below for some helpful tips.

HINT #1: No matter the animal, make sure to check with your neighborhood and city regulations, as they vary quite a bit. Make sure to ask for species specific information and ask about numbers of animals, types of enclosures, etc.

HINT #2: If you’re interested in owning “urban chickens,” you should know that they like to scratch and claw at the ground quite a bit – so be prepared. Also, it might be nice to check with your neighbors because they do make noise and emit odors. Read this article from the AJC for more information specific to “city chicks.”

HINT #3: Did you know you can potty train pot bellied pigs? In many ways, they act very much like dogs. According to Atlanta ordinances, you may only keep a maximum of one pot bellied pig in your Metro Atlanta home. Also, FYI, with the exception of pot bellied pigs, it is illegal to keep any other type of pigs or hogs within city limits.

HINT #4: For hoofstock like horses and goats, there are specific requirements about enclosures, maximum numbers, and proximities to residential areas.

HINT #5: There are lots of companies that “rent” goats to families in the Metro area. If you need some quality time with these cuties but don’t have the time to care for them full-time OR if you need your lawn mowed, you can rent a herd for a specific period of time. Checkout this Guardian article for more info.

HINT #6: Interested in a smaller furry friend? Contact Oakhurst Guinea Pig Rescue if you’re in the market to provide a loving, careful home to a rescue Guinea Pig!

This website, Farmland Info, might be helpful for more information. As we always say, inquire about specific animals and their needs with your veterinarian. Please be responsible and ensure you have a lifestyle that matches the need of



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