Insider Tips from Professional Dog Walkers

Our Professional Pet Sitters have walked A LOT of dogs! We do at least 20 dog walks a week, and that’s probably a low estimate. We thought it would be fun to share some helpful tips we’ve learned over the years. 

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1. Steer clear of unknown dogs and humans. Even if your dog is friendly, you have no idea how they’ll react to stranger dogs and honestly, it’s not worth the risk of finding out.


2. Carabiners are lifesavers, especially if you’re walking multiple dogs. They help to manage keys, poop bags, multiple leashes, etc.


3. Leave the retractable leash at home. They’re long and difficult to manage. In some cases they can even snap if they’re pulled just right.


4. It’s good for pups to stop and sniff, even if it makes the walk slower. Sniffing and smelling is great mental stimulation for dogs.


5. Always check your poop bag carrier before you start your walk. We’ve gotten stranded with one poop bag when we need two or three way too many times.


6. Stay calm even when your dog is barking or stressed. Dog’s pick up on our cues. Want them to stay calm while you pass a busy intersection or a rambunctious dog? Try your best to remain calm and even-keeled yourself. They’ll feel it.


7. Do a poop check before picking it up. An easy way to spot-check your fur ball’s health is to quickly glance at their poop. Does it look normal? Fantastic! Is it softer than normal? There might be something amiss.


8. Be careful when walking near construction sites – both home and residential  – as they tend to have food scraps lots of pups want to snag.


9. Be mindful of the temperature. Hot pavement can burn their paws. Salt and ice melt can contain harmful chemicals that also hurt their paws. Too cold? Maybe they need a sweater. Just as you check the temperature for yourself before leaving the house, keep Fido in mind too.


Disclaimer: we are not veterinarians or dog trainers. This information is solely based on repeated dog walks we conduct weekly. Consult a professional if you have questions or concerns about your fur ball.


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