Pet Sitter spotlight: Emily

Pet Sitter spotlight EmilyThis week we’re giving you a closer look into the life of another team member. This week, meet Emily, Pet Sitter and soon-to-be veterinarian! Give her a warm welcome and share the love in the comments below.

What’s your favorite animal and why?
“My favorite animals are dogs, as predictable as that may be. They’re wonderful companions with unlimited potential. Dogs can do a very wide variety of complex skills that may be too difficult or hazardous for people. For example, they can be trained to do life-saving search and rescue missions or transport supplies across vast, snowy, and treacherous terrain. Service dogs can be taught to complete dangerous tasks in the military, assist the disabled, or provide emotional support to someone in need. Many dogs are frequently used for herding livestock or competing in fun and challenging sports such as agility, racing, or finding hidden items. While most of the dogs we know are just lovable members of the family, their other capabilities are truly limitless.”

What inspired you to become an animal lover?
“I have been an animal lover for as long as I can remember, way before I even had my first pet. If I had to guess an age, maybe since I was around 4 years old. When I was that young, I didn’t really have a reason as to why I loved animals. For me, it was more like a strong feeling that never went away and only grew as I got older. When other kids were watching cartoons on Saturday mornings, I was hooked on Animal Planet, either learning about different breeds on Dogs101, or watching Animal Cops, where appalling cruelty cases turned into heartwarming journeys to new forever homes. As I got older, my love for animals further developed through working as a veterinary assistant, volunteering at shelters, owning my own pets, and continues to grow as I work towards becoming a veterinarian.”

What do you do for fun aside from animal care?
“For fun, I am often outside spending time with my 3-year old German Shepherd mix, Athena. We love to go for long walks, enjoy nature trails, or just have fun at the dog park. My other hobbies include talking to friends online, playing video games, watching YouTube videos, and learning about computers and technology.”

If you had to pick one word that describes you, what would you choose and why?
“One word that describes me is ambitious, and I feel it is fitting for many reasons. One reason is that the Latin translation of my first name, Emily, means ambitious/hard working. Though that was no more than a coincidence, I felt it has become very suitable for my personality. Ever since I was a young child, the only career I’ve ever wanted to do was to be a veterinarian. It’s a difficult field that requires a significant time, energy, and resource commitment to preparing yourself before starting school, to staying on top of the course work in an intense 4-year program (at a minimum), and to continuously be improving your knowledge and skills as a practicing doctor. I was not deterred by the challenge I have to face to obtain this goal; instead, I embraced it and continue to work hard and do what ever it takes to achieve my lifelong dream.”

What’s your ideal vacation?
“Because I have been fortunate enough to travel to many places both inside and outside the country, my ideal vacation would involve an international trip to a beautiful country with many things to do outside. What I love to do most on vacation is walking around, whether that is through the city, through the mountains, or along bodies of water such as a river, lake, or ocean. While I do greatly enjoy seeing tourist attractions and learning more about an area’s culture, I would rather see more natural features and wonders that have had less human interference. I love to see what makes a certain city, state, or country beautiful. I think the landscape and natural scenery is what really makes a particular vacation spot unique.”



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