Spring Break 2021 = WOWZA!!!

Lots has changed in the last couple of months and we couldn’t be more excited! Last week (April 3 – 10) was spring break week for many schools and we had more new clients at one time than ever before. This would be amazing by normal standards, but we are especially grateful and excited given how closed off the world has been for so long.

We wanted to share some numbers and to say THANK YOU to all of our clients – new and old – who have ridden the pandemic wave and continued supporting us over the last year. 

Spring Break 2021 Numbers

  • Boarding dogs: 28
  • Daycare dogs: 24 
  • Walking dogs: 28
  • Dogs and cats receiving overnight or drop-in visits: 31
  • Small reptile clients: 3
  • Pet sitters on the clock: 11


When you add the number of boarding dogs + the number of daycare dogs that visited any given day, that’s almost 40 dogs at our facility at any given time. For context, during our busiest times in previous years, we had 35-40 dogs at our place. These numbers rival the busiest times in Village Pets history! 

Everyone had a BLAST and the photos on Instagram and Facebook provide all the evidence you need. 🙂 If you don’t follow us on those accounts, you definitely should! A few of our favorites are below too.

We expect 2021 to be a big year for The Village Pets! Please continue following along and sharing our info with your friends and family; the bigger our family grows, the better! 

And remember: there’s a one-time 25% discount for each new referral you send our way! As always, thanks for your love, trust, and support.

Spring Break 2021 = WOWZA!!! Spring Break 2021 = WOWZA!!! Spring Break 2021 = WOWZA!!! Spring Break 2021 = WOWZA!!!




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