Thanksgiving Pet Safety

While we’re busy preparing for the Thanksgiving holiday, lots of quality family time and lots of eats, we can’t forget our fur ball friends. Read below for a few tips to keep your pet safe this holiday season:

  1. Food safety: not all human foods are safe for pet consumption. A small bit of cooked, boneless turkey is fine, but don’t give your pets any turkey bones or skin. It’s also best to avoid foods like bread dough, pies, cakes, desserts, and sugary sweets. Tip: it’s best to stick to their normal food routine as much as possible. ​
  2. Visitor safety: if you’re hosting holiday gatherings at your house, emotions and energy can be high which might not bode well for your pets. Be sure to plan ahead. Think about providing a safe haven for them, perhaps in the form of a crate, safe room, or special bed for them to lay on. Is your pet microchipped? It’s a great idea to get them microchipped anyway, but it’s especially important during times of stress when people are coming and going frequently.
  3. Travel safety: are you planning to take your fur ball on a road trip? Think critically about your individual pet’s needs to figure out what might be best for them. Some pets do better staying at home in a familiar environment. If you are planning to travel, be sure to pack correct food measurements, proof of vaccinations, and any medical supplies they might need. Be sure to provide water and potty breaks if you’re going on extended car journeys.

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Most importantly, we hope you have a healthy and happy holiday season! If you suspect your pet has ingested something dangerous, contact the ASPCA Poison Control hotline immediately: (888) 426-4435.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!



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